Lash Academy

Lash Academy

This Beginner Classic & Volume Course is the best choice for brand new artists entering into the industry or an amazing refresher to ensure your skills are top knotch!


Two classes per week, 3 hours per class, for 4 weeks.


Homework is assigned and assessed on a mannequin with strip lashes. 

Once your understanding of using your tools, isolation, adhesive control, placement, safety, sanitation and timing is solid, we move you onto lashing a live model! (Typically week 3)


We go into extensive mapping and styling to ensure your talents as an artist shine through each individual client you lash. Effortlessly knowing how to enhance each clients unique, natural beauty.


This is an unparalleled method of becoming a knowledgable and successful Lash Artist!


2 week program also available. 

-Two classes per week, 6 hours per day.


Course includes a large kit (business in a box), manual & certificate.


All graduates are welcome to 10% off Sinful Lashes products and continuing education courses through Sleeping Beauty Aesthetics.


Call or Email to Enroll at any time!



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