2 Day Beginner Classic & Feather Volume

2 Day Beginner Classic & Feather Volume

Our 2-Day Beginner Classic, Hybrid and Feather Volume Eyelash Extensions Course is specifically designed for new lash artists who want to learn the basics first while also teaching you how to do beginner level feather volume lashes. This is an “all in one” class.


This beginner level intensive is a 2-day Lash Application Class that, while showing you how to do the Classic technique, will also provide instruction on hybrid and modern feather volume techniques. You will learn classic lashing, hybrid lashing and 3D-6D Feather Volume Eyelash Extension techniques using .07 weight. In this course Sinful Lashes Instructors focus on the art of feather volume fan making using the Sinful Lashes Brand luxury lashes. Instructors will show you how do three techniques in styles so you are able to create gorgeous, marketable lashes. When you leave our class, you will be equipped with the knowledge of everything you will need to know including the highest quality care in eye health and safety. We manufacture our own line of luxury eyelash products that contain the finest ingredients available. We teach innovative aftercare to ensure your clients’ eyes and eyelashes are not harmed by extension wear. You will be on the cutting edge of this fast-growing industry.


Students will require a model a model on Day 2 of the Course.


All students, upon graduation, become part of the Sinful Lashes community. You will have lifetime support through our online group, you will be invited to our Lash Meet Ups and specialized classes. You will receive a lifetime discount on all products.


Courses are Non Refundable, But Transferable. Students Can Reschedule, At No Additional Charge, Up To 10 Days Before The Scheduled Date Of The Course. This applies only to courses held in Rhode Island.

*Note, if I am traveling to your location, and you reschedule for any reason, my travel & accomodations are non-refundable and non-transferable.


* Please note: Licensing requirements vary by state. It is incumbent for you to know the laws of your state before enrolling or requesting to host our course/s.



  • Sinful Lashes Classic Lash .15 Multi length tray
  • Sinful Lashes Volume Lash  .07 Multi length tray
  • Sinful Lashes Volume Lash .07 Multi Length tray
  • Sinful Lashes Flat Lash .20 Multi Length Lash Tray
  • Sinful Lashes Tweezer (2)
  • Sinful Lashes Scissors
  • Mini fan
  • Black Diamond Lash Adhesive for Optimum to High Humidity
  • Girl Next Door Adhesive
  • Fan Perfecting Glue Cups
  • Lash Cleaner
  • Lash Primer
  • Sinful Lashes Cream Lash Extension Remover
  • Lint Free Collagen Eyepads
  • Lash Bath Foaming Lash Extension Cleanser
  • Whisper Quiet Nano Mister
  • Sinful Lashes Crystal Plate
  • Rectangular Crystal Lash Pallet
  • Disposable Glue Paper
  • Micro Brushes
  • Reusable Mascara Brushes
  • Heated Eyelash Curler
  • 3M Surgical Tape
  • Classic Feather Volume Lash Manual
  • Certification