2 Day Master Volume

2 Day Master Volume

This is the most comprehensive Volume eyelash extension course available anywhere. Our 2 Day Master Volume eyelash extension course is designed for anyone who is already trained in Classic Eyelash Extensions. Students should have already taken a beginner course and are experienced with the fundamentals of lashing. The course is perfect for those who are starting out in Volume Lashing or those who have had a rudimentary introduction to it as well as for the seasoned volume artist looking to gain speed, learn advanced mapping and Mega Volume techniques (which are highly sought after by potential clients). It is a volume course that takes you on a journey from beginner volume to more advanced techniques over 2 days.


Day 1 you will learn how to create volume sets using .07 with 2 techniques that we have perfected to make your fans on the strip and complete your sets within 2 hours. This is great for our students brand new to volume or to current volume artists struggling with speed. Instructors will show you how to perfect three techniques in fan making so you are able to create gorgeous, full, lush eyelash extension sets.


Day 2 we instruct you on how to create beautiful Mega Volume lash sets using .03 and .05 Volume lashes creating 8D-16D fans. Two distinctive techniques are taught which will result in the creation of beautiful seamless Mega Volume lash sets.


Styling is so important and Sinful Lashes trainers have been dubbed “The Queens of Lash Styling”. Our course includes Advanced Lash Maps (exclusive to Sinful Lashes Academy Students) so you can create beautiful tight top lines, wispy sets and strip lash styling.


Students will require a model on the 2nd day of class.


Students receive plenty of one-on-one and hands-on lash application training to ensure you go home feeling confident that you can do beautiful lashes.


All students, upon graduation, become part of the Sinful Lashes community.

  • You will have lifetime support through our online group.
  • You will be invited to our exclusive Lash Meet Ups and Specialized Classes.
  • Access to exclusive content and updated lash maps are yours FREE!
  • You will receive a discount on all products (never expires).


Courses are Non Refundable, But Transferable. Students Can Reschedule, At No Additional Charge, Up To 10 Days Before The Scheduled Date Of The Course. This applies only to courses held in Rhode Island.

*Note, if I am traveling to your location, and you reschedule for any reason, my travel & accomodations are non-refundable and non-transferable.


* Please note: Licensing requirements vary by state. It is incumbent for you to know the laws of your state before enrolling or requesting to host our course/s.



  • Sinful Lashes Volume Lash C Curl .07 Multi length Tray
  • Sinful Lashes Volume Lash CC Curl .05 Multi length Tray
  • Sinful Lashes Volume Lash D Curl .05 Multi length Tray
  • Sinful Lashes Volume Lash CC Curl .03 Multi length Tray
  • Sinful Lashes Volume Lash D Curl .03 Multi length Tray
  • Sinful Lashes Tweezer Marilyn 
  • Sinful Lashes Tweezer Rita
  • Sinful Starlet Girl Next Door – High Performance Adhesive
  • Sinful Starlet Femme Fatale – High Performance Adhesive 
  • Fan Perfecting Adhesive Cups
  • Sinful Lashes Crystal Lash Pallet 
  • Hydrogel Pads (10 Pairs)
  • Collagen Pads (5 Pairs)
  • Manual
  • Certification