1 Day Elleebana Lash Lift & Tint

1 Day Elleebana Lash Lift & Tint

Elleebana’s one shot lash lift treatment is the hottest trend in the eyelash industry that allows you to offer your customers luscious lifted natural lashes that will last for weeks, all in the blink of an eye.

This course arms you with the detailed concept of lash lifting as well as the hidden tips to mastering your technique to achieve the perfect lift each and every time.


Our theory session commences with product knowledge and understanding of the delicate eye area that you are working with, contraindications and how to consult for this treatment.  The detailed explanation of the science of lash lifting is a key component to understanding the treatment and how to achieve optimal results.


You are guided through the cost and income potential of lash lifting to build your marketability. Our hand selected trainer will then demonstrate to you a lash lift in detail – we take our time walking through the treatment step by step and showcasing the common mistakes made and how to correct these errors to ensure your results are flawless and to build your confidence.


You will then work on two models under the careful guidance and instruction of our trainer paying close attention to the key elements of lash lifting. No longer can you expect a one day class with Elleebana as your course, knowledge retention and applying your new found skills will continue through your online component of this Elleebana Evolved training program.  The online component will be comprised of an exam and submission of before and after images for assessment after your training date to further ensure you have been able to retain and apply your new found skills.


*By purchasing this course, you are agreeing that you are a licensed and insured professional. 


Lift Kit, Manual & Certificate $390


30 Lift and 30 Setting Sachets (up to 60 applications)

Lifting Rods

Lifiting Sheilds


Original Brush Adhesive 

Squeeze Tube Lash Adhesive



Application Brush

2 Stainless Steel Lash Lifter Tools





Tint Kit $165

Remove 2 in 1 Tint and Eye Make Up Remover 125ML SIZE
Oxydant Creme 100ML Gentle on clients, our stabilized developer is a unique formulation
Ellee Shield Protective Balm – a natural alternative made of sweet almond oil & beeswax
2 in 1 Tint Mixing Dish with brush rest
Application Brush retractable
Paper Eye Shields – better fitting adjustable paper eye shields with a protective film so doesn’t penetrate onto the skin