3 Day Beginner Classic & Volume

Our 3-Day Beginner Classic & Volume Eyelash Extension Course is specifically designed for new lash artists who want to learn the basics while also learning how to do beginner level volume lashes. This is the “all in one” most innovative, up-to-date eyelash extension training program on the market.

In this beginner level intensive, showing you foundational Classic techniques, also teaches you weightless classic and beginner volume techniques. You will learn classic lashing, pre-made Volume and 3D-6D Volume Eyelash Extension techniques using .07 weight. In this course we focus on the art of fan making using the Sinful Lashes Brand luxury lashes. You will be shown three techniques in fan making so you are able to create gorgeous, full, lashes. When you leave our class, you will be equipped with the knowledge of everything you will need to know including the highest quality care in eye health, safety and sanitation. 

Sinful lashes luxury eyelash products contain the finest ingredients available. We teach thorough aftercare to ensure your clients’ eyes and eyelashes are not harmed by extension wear. You will be on the cutting edge of this fast-growing industry.

Students will require a model on Day 2 & 3 of the Course.

You will receive plenty of one-on-one and hands-on lash application training to ensure confidence.

All students, upon graduation, become part of the Sinful Lashes community. You will have lifetime support through our online groups, you will be invited to our Lash Meet Ups and specialized classes. You will receive a lifetime discount on all products through Sinful Lashes.

Call 401-744-9586 or

Email CGPavlides@gmail.com to Host a Course on the East Coast!

Course Kit Contents:

Sinful Lashes Classic Lash C Curl .15 Multi length tray

Sinful Lashes Volume Lash C Curl .07 Multi length tray

Sinful Lashes Volume Lash CC Curl .07 Multi Length tray

Sinful Lashes Volume Lash D Curl .07 Multi length tray

Sinful Lashes Premade Fan C Curl .07 Multi Length tray

Sinful Lashes Tweezers (2)


Mini fan

Black Diamond Lash Adhesive for Optimum to High Humidity

Girl Next Door Adhesive

Lash Cleaner

Lash Primer

Sinful Lashes Cream Lash Extension Remover


Lash Bath Foaming Lash Extension Cleanser

Nano Mister

Crystal Lash Pallet

Disposable Glue Paper

Micro Brushes

Reusable Mascara Brushes

3M Surgical Tape


Sinful Lashes Certification


2 Day Advanced Volume

This Advanced Volume Eyelash Extensions course covers everything you need to know to create beautiful Volume and Mega Volume lash sets in addition to exclusive celebrity lash style mapping and color theory. This course is specifically designed for the experienced eyelash artist already trained in Classic Eyelash Extensions and Beginning Volume. This course is for those who feel comfortable applying a full classic or volume lash set within 1.5-2 hours. 

In this course you will learn how to create Volume using .07 and Mega Volume lash sets using .03 and .05 lashes creating 8D-16D fans. You will learn how to create beautiful seamless Mega Volume lashes with two distinctive techniques. We will also cover our basket technique to create density and our reverse basket to create a wispy look.

You will also learn how to create and market celebrity lash styling. Lash maps include RIHANNA, TAYLOR SWIFT, LADY GAGA, KHLOE & KIM KARDASHIAN and more!! You will also learn how to create gorgeous lash sets using color. Learn how to create color blocking, unicorn, mermaid, rainbow lash sets and more.

You will learn our best Sinful tricks and tips to take your eyelash extension career to the next level.

Call 401-744-9586 or

Email CGPavlides@gmail.com to Host a Course on the East Coast!

Course Kit Contents:

C Curl .07 Multi Length Tray

CC Curl .07 Multi Length Tray

D Curl .07 Multi Length Tray

C Curl .05 Multi Length Tray

CC Curl .03 Multi Length Tray

D Curl .03 Multi Length Tray

3-Mini Color .07 Multi Length Tray’s

Sinful Lashes Custom Volume Tweezer

Sinful lashes Straight Tweezer

Crystal Lash Pallet

100 Fan Perfecting Cups

Girl Next Door Adhesive

25 Reusable Mascara Brushes

Sinful Eyeliner

Mega Volume / Color Theory Manual

Sinful Lashes Certificate


Lash Lift Course

Elleebana’s lash lift treatment is the hottest trend in the eyelash industry that allows you to offer your customers luscious lifted natural lashes that will last for weeks, all in the blink of an eye. This course arms you with the detailed concept of lash lifting as well as the hidden tips to mastering your technique to achieve the perfect lift every time. 

Our theory session commences with product knowledge and understanding of the delicate eye area that you are working with, contraindications and how to consult for this treatment.  The detailed explanation of the science of lash lifting is a key component to understanding the treatment and how to achieve optimal results.

You are guided through the cost and income potential of lash lifting to build your marketability. We will then demonstrate to you a lash lift in detail – we take our time walking through the treatment step by step and showcasing the common mistakes made and how to correct these errors to ensure your results are flawless and to build your confidence.

You will then work 2 models under the careful guidance and instruction of our trainer, Crystal, paying close attention to the key elements of lash lifting. No longer can you expect a one day class with Elleebana as your course, knowledge retention and applying your new found skills will continue through your online component of this Elleebana Evolved training program.  The online component will include a case study submission of before and after images for assessment after your training date to further ensure you have been able to retain and apply your new found skills.

• Science of lash lifting, active ingredients, and the ingredient trends we are seeing

• Exposure to the various adhesives available

• Storage guidance and tips

• Eye and Eyelash anatomy and structure

• Business, room set up and cleanliness

• Client/technician wellbeing and self-care

• Procedure knowledge and detailed instructions

• Health, safety and sanitation – for your clients and for yourself

• Pre-procedure preparations and contra-indications

• Product information and usage and storage guides for the products

• Consultation, reactions and the importance of indemnity and legal requirements such as insurance

• Patch testing and tinting with Elleeplex ProFusion lash & brow tints

• Eye shapes and face considerations and key tips to craft the perfect lift for your client

• Cost of treatment and income potential

• Elleebana facial Acupressure for a new approach to client treatments

• Frequently asked questions

• Reversed and relaxed treatments as well as lower lash care

• Homecare advise and recommended aftercare

• Taking a good before and after images

• Frequently asked questions and trainers tips/important notes

• Case Study submissions explained

• Criteria Checklist form

Our lash lifting in person class runs for 8 hours, however your course continues after you leave with an online component. You will have three months to submit your before and after images for assessment. We have a lot to cover and we are extremely passionate about you getting the most from this class so please be prepared.

We reserve the right to withhold issuing of a certificate until competency has been achieved.   

The cost for this 1 Day Course is $950 or $1,115.00 for Lift & Tint

*A Cosmetology or Estheticians License is required to take this course.

Course Kit Contents: Value $390

15 Lifting & 15 Setting Sachets (up to 30 applications)

Multi-pack of Rods

Multi-pack of Shields

Brush Lash Adhesive

Squeeze Tube Adhesive 


Application Brush

Lash Lifter Tool

Isolator Tool



Microswabs, Tape & Eyepads

Elleebana Certificate upon completion and submission of 5 before/during/after case studies.

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